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Funny roleplaying moments
« on: October 05, 2016, 08:17:49 PM »
Everybody I know who is into tabletop roleplaying has some funny moments to share from their campaigns, whether it's due to dismal dice rolls, inventive (or stupid) player decisions, or simply due to a DM that didn't cover all the bases.

I'll share some of my most memorable funny moments here. Please feel free to do the same!


Cast of Characters:
Lazarus - a half-elven fighter/ex-druid who dyes his hair and beard purple.
Adrianne - an elven wizard who is a bit on the shy side
Kurzak - a Ghulblaine sorcerer who has a way with the ladies. He also wears a magical belt which can store one one flame-based spell which can be loosed on a target once a day. In this case, a delayed blast fireball

This was the second campaign I set up with this group...

The party is investigating an old abandoned manor house. They soon find that it is overrun by undead. Fighting their way through a bunch of skeletons and zombies, they find themselves in the large dining room. Kurzak makes a few very unfortunate rolls, and finds himself pinned down on top of the large dining table by a very ripe zombie. This is how it played out:

Kurzak: "Ugh! Get this thing off me! Someone? Anyone?!"

Lazarus: "I'm a bit busy here! Besides, I'm on the other side of the room!"

Atrianne tries to cast a spell at the zombie, but gets attacked by a skeleton and fails her concentration check.
Seeing that he is on his own, and barely holding off the zombie pinning him to the table, Kurzak gets a very determined look on his face.

Kurzak: "I say my trigger word for my magic belt and focus on the zombie on top of me."

Me, stunned: "Eh? You what now?"

Kurzak: "My belt! I need to get this thing off me!"

Me: "OK then..."

Kurzak, realization finally dawning on him: "No! Wait!"

Too late. There's a moment's silence, then a huge bang as the fireball detonates, sending bits of burning zombie everywhere, and turning the table into a crashing, smoldering ruin. Kurzak miraculously survives this with only 2hp remaining, and pulls himself, blackened and smoking from the remains of the table.
We had to stop the game there for a while, because we were laughing so much that we couldn't continue the game.
Kurzak earned his nickname that day: Kurzak the Crispy.

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Re: Funny roleplaying moments
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2016, 08:22:00 AM »
Speaking of troublesome magic items, one tabletop story I like to tell has to do with the Horn of Bubbles. Our DM had placed it in a treasure find, and I had no idea what it did. When I first blew the horn nothing seemed to happen. Later on, in the middle of a battle with some orcs, I was suddenly surrounded by a mass of bubbles. (For comic effect, envision a dwarven fighter encased this way.)

Not knowing what was going on, or what to do, I tried to intimidate the enemy by declaring loudly that I was a god of bubbles. The DM made some rolls, and the result was that one orc fell to its knees, another attacked me anyway, and a third became enraged. You think the other party members were of any help? No, the cleric and thief were busting a gut laughing!

Good times.
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Re: Funny roleplaying moments
« Reply #2 on: October 06, 2016, 08:43:22 AM »
Hehehe that's a good one, Dorateen. The mental image of this Dwarven god of bubbles gave me a good laugh :D