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New discovery: Fight the Dragon!
« on: October 15, 2015, 03:14:08 AM »
I've discovered a pretty cool indie RPG and construction kit that hides behind the non-descript name of Fight the Dragon. It's a little hack and slash action RPG and much simpler than FRUA or Neverwinter Nights, but also focussed on community adventures. And unlike other indie RPGs with construction kits for which I had high hopes (e.g. Driftmoon), this one has actually attracted a larger modding community that has already created more than 9.000 (!) mini-modules, some of them very original.

You are quite limited in what you can do with the construction kit, e.g. you can't really create your own monsters or items and there are no complex dialogue or skill trees, and although you can place scripted events, you don't get to script yourself, but I guess that makes the editor very accessible (just like FRUA) and the area building seems quite versatile, since the environment consists of blocks, and some authors have done very creative things with it, like building ships or creating rooftop adventures. The stories are conveyed through short text bubbles above the NPCs heads that you can click through, and it works quite well.

I don't know whether this type of game would interest hardcore CRPG fans and modders, but I love it. It's perfect if you like to loot and level up your characters by playing through user created mini-modules of 5-30 minutes length, kind of a more casual, coffeebreak NWN, but closer to Zelda or Torchlight than to D&D. Sadly, at the moment it seems to be Steam-only, as it makes use of the Steam workshop and online features, but on the upside, it's very cheap.
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