Author Topic: REVIEW: "Helmetlands: Cold Trail" by Dinonykos  (Read 1249 times)

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REVIEW: "Helmetlands: Cold Trail" by Dinonykos
« on: February 20, 2012, 10:53:09 AM »
This is the first Dungeon Craft design I've played, other than playtesting my own attempts at DC. It is certainly more beautiful than UA, and the artwork is unique. But since I haven't played any of the other designs using these characters, I don't know if anything other than the text and some items are new. That didn't stop me from enjoying it.

Other than getting confused a couple of times at the beginning, it played smoothly. I died in my first attempt because I forgot I had search on and ran out of food. (I actually died a lot in combats.) The second time I kept search off unless there was something that needed looking into. There were two places with treasure I wouldn't have looked if I hadn't found them before.

I barely managed to survive the game but I did. It was a fun introduction to a series I hadn't played before. Starving and losing combats were the only bad parts.

I'd give this an 8.00 out of 10.00 because it is a light version of it sybling mods, the starving and the frequent combat deaths.  :)