Author Topic: STICKY: Collected Knowledge on Wallsets and Backdrops (incl. TLB collection)  (Read 19567 times)

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Are we talking UA?  Toolbox's color-cycling Wallset drop-ins should work in any slot, but IIRC, it may be necessary to make sure that each of the slots all share the color-cycling settings (that is, if it's left off for one, it may shut them all off). 

I don't know if a problem might arise if a wallset is way over the recommended size, tho...

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Yes, we are talking UA.

Thanks hans, that did the trick. I just needed to set the same colour cycling settings for each slot in the wall. And Toolbox works straight of the TLBs that were created using NAFN. How exciting!

The only limitation seems to be that Toolbox cannot handle larger-than-normal walls (which can be created using NAFN). So it seems it may not be possible to mix tall walls together with colour-cycling -- not a huge problem for me.

And thanks Nol for giving this thought and helping me.

(And thanks Dan Autery and Brian O'Donnell for these excellent hacks!)