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Is there a program for opening these type of files for editing, or some method of converting them to another type of file such as PCX or LBM?

Olivier Leroux:
There are two options I know of (the 2nd one I recently learned thanks to hans!  :) ):

1) TLB2PCX (download here): Put the TLB file in the same folder as TLB2PCX and run the program to convert it.

2) Use SHOW to display the TLB images and press Ctrl+P to make a screenshot in .pcx file format. It will be saved to the same folder the TLB is in. You can download SHOW here but it is already incorporated into UAShell and Toolbox too, I think.

BTW, both tools were written by the great Dan Autery.

There's also TLB Utilities by Itamar (who leaned heavily upon the early findings of our beloved pioneer Dan Autery).  It's actually a collection of several different TLB programs for different functions.  One of them, TLBview, allows you to look through TLBs, and another, TLBbreak, allows you to break a .tlb down into .pcx files. 

I rarely ever use these proggies, because Dan's programs are so much sleeker, with better options, and more user friendly. 

There are a couple of things I might go to Itamar's proggies for, still, like if I wanted to play around with enlarged pics.

I used Itamar's (and continue to use) for all my animated .tlb creation needs, mostly because it was how I learned to create animating pics:

You can use it to break down existing .tlb files, standard FRUA .tlb packed files, and reassemble a .tlb out of your own .pcx files.

Very handy.  I've just never used Dan Autery's to compile.  :)

Thanks, these will help me a lot.

Although AVG thinks TLB2PCX has a virus. Probably a false positive, but it gets a little annoying that it thinks most UA hack programs are viruses and prevents me from using them.


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