Author Topic: new as of engine 3.02: Special Graphics  (Read 115 times)

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new as of engine 3.02: Special Graphics
« on: July 11, 2017, 05:57:00 PM »
With engine 3.02, Dungeon Craft can now place one or more additional images on the 3D screen! By means of a new Special Ability and scripting, designers can trick out their games how they want. Want a graphical compass? No problem. Want to show the phases of the moon? No problem. Want to show players important graphics to emulate special devices or powers? No problem.

DC Engine 3.02:
Special Graphics Help docs:

***** EXAMPLE *****
Graphical Compass
To use this compass in your design, you need 3 things, all of which are right here.
1)   compass graphic: attached to post, is a compass that works with default borders
2)   Special Ability script 1: attached to post is the SA you need for the compoass.
     To use, open your editor, go to Databases->Import/Export Databases. Export the
    Special Abilities database and then open it in your favorite text editor.
    Add the SpecialGraphics SA, save your database and import into your design.
3)   Special Ability script 2:  Attached to post is the script needed to move the text
     compass, location and date.
    Follow steps as in #2 to add the already existing Global_Display SA. Note, this does not replace that SA but adds on to it.