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TLB Animation or Color Cycle to Animated GIF


Does anyone know if any of the FRUA utilities out there will convert animated or color cycling TLB files into a more easily manipulated file format, such as animated GIF for instance.

Or is there a way to get them out of the DAX files as an animation?

I love Gold Box Explorer, but it breaks apart DAX animations into their component frames. I tried reassembling them, but could only guess at the intervals between frames. Sometimes it seems the delay between some frames are longer than others, or a single frame is repeated to give that illusion. I'd really like to get the animations out intact.


Dead thread,  I know, but for anyone interested, DOSbox does record AVI video, and that can be converted to Gif by some tools; and/or extracted to frames by other tools. 

Example: Phlan Deluge

Six frames/color changes. Recorded in DOSbox, I used Jasc Animation-Shop to make it a Gif,
but VirtualDub could also have exported a Gif, and Irfanview could have extracted the frames for use in other tools.

The advantage of Animation-Shop is that it will evaluate the frame intervals when it imports the AVI; (and so will Adobe:Imageready, if you have it).

That is awesome

I always liked the FRUA pixel art. The color cycling, moving, and morphing art even more so.

TY for giving us another way to copy these


So you have to get to the point in the game where you can see these, then record them?

Either that, or one can view them in the FRUA Art Gallery tool.


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