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Most people start their RPG journey with games like Dungeons & Dragons.  I started with Star Frontiers. 

I just realized that I still have my books.  They aren't the original books I owned in the 1980s (no idea what happened to those), but the "Alpha Dawn" reprints that came out afterwards (still the same books with a slightly different cover).

Anyone else play Star Frontiers?

I played a few adventures back in the day. I don't recall anything about the system. One adventure I was a kangaroo guy, another was a cat guy, and another was like an amoeba or something.

I died in each one. :D

What I remember is that there are four basic races:

Humans - Standard space-bearing humans.
Vrusk - Insect creatures like a large praying mantis
Dralasite - Blob creatures that can grow fingers and arms that love bad human humor.
Yazirian - Monkey creatures with wings that can glide

The bad guys were slug creatures called the Sathar.  Aside from that, very little information was given about the galaxy, as this was the era where GMs were expected to fill in their own information.

Milos Gulan:
Never heard of it. Very interesting, will have to check more about it.

Draslaite sounds familiar. Mine died when he got sucked into a jet engine or something like it.

I think the kangaroo guys were called Murra or Humma or Kangga, something like that. Had double consonants in it. I want to say it was from an expansion book.

The cat guys may have been a monkey guy without gliding. I recall the kid running the game saying it was a new race. He might have made it up for me because I had asked it there were space cat people.  Thinking back, I am pretty sure I named her Andromeda Starpurr.

I was all of 14, playing it at breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria with the other nerds back in the mid 80's. :D


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