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I'm interested in hearing which modules for D&D or AD&D you guys either love or hate.  I haven't run many modules over the years (always been a DM who creates my own campaigns), so I just want to know which ones had great stories or which should be avoided like the plague.  Can be from any edition of D&D (or even a non-D&D game if you want).


Milos Gulan:
I was running Greyhawk Ruins last but got bored of it a bit. It is not that bad, probably would be more interesting if it was tabletop, but it is mostly 1e with lots of unfinished things during early 2e era. I guess it is not that bad, but long long one with no interesting story to it except some older things that are relived. I figured that I would have much more fun if I was running something made by myself.

Adventures by Bill Sweeny (unoffical net versions, namely fire and ice and 2 others that I can't remember) are my favorite though they are mostly story driven without much dungeon crawling. I have run Fire and Ice once, paladin was curios about frozen adventurers gear in ice pillar so he ended up buried under mountain cave. Last rogue tried to bergain with Ice dragon but after he started to ride him was thrown from the sky. I don't remember name that is set in Tantras but it happens after times of troubles (place where Bane and Torm clashed) and I have run it twice. I remember that player that played rogue in fire and ice ended up in a trap with lightning bolt, but first time they finished adventure. And second party played half of it, instead of running away from the ambush in the inn they killed everyone, mostly wizard with his spells :)

Hm about rest, I guess all that I have run were favorite to me, and some run by my friends. Those are Sword of the dales trilogy. Doom of Daggerdale was run by my friend we didn't finished it was interesting.

I have run Beneath the twisted tower, also unfinished, maybe TPK. Then one adventure from 1e FR set about lost library of myth drannor, that was one session game I throw some fire giants at start, one of players played Drizzt :), also unfinished.

What else... I had Ruins of the Myth Drannor Box set, Undermountain 1 and 2 I guess those are nice, I like them would like to play them :). I don't remember all advenures we have played from dungeon magazine, but I probably could find them. I am sure we played more then 10 or even 20 or in between.

My friend have run Eye of Traldar (Mystara), we finished it (campaign that ended with deck of many things fiasco) after that we played 3-4 dungeon magazine adventures all in Mystara.

My group played Ruins of Adventure while I was away studing, and Castle Spulzeer (I think FR version only) and ship of horror though only one session i was there too. Also they have played some net adventure with Mammon. I have run Ravenloft Dark of the Moon, i had fun but others didn't. And Eye of the serpent, that at least was fun.

I had few Ravenloft adventures that I have never had a chance to run. Also I had FR Hordes of Dragonspear and Sword of Iron Legion. As Dragonspear, Swords of Iron Legion used Battlesystem rules, I have run first adventure of it but that player that was running wizard that killed most in the inn in Tantras didn't wanted to help gnomes against goblins, was one session adventure, there should be a battle but :).

And that's about it :) I have run few adventures on my own also but nothing special. I guess places I liked most were Waterdeep and North, Dales and Cormyr (I have run one Play on forum game for a year started in Arabel), and Tantras, but also some others. Also net Campaign Northern Journey looks good I finaly have it, maybe a bit more story to it then dungeoneering. Also I have net expansion for Undermountain would like to test it. 

And I had Maztica City of gold, nice adventure but didnt tested it saw one FRUA Maztica adventure would like to play it.

Milos Gulan:
Ans 2 books that are definetely my favorites though also I never had run them are Elmister Ecologies Appendix 1 and 2. I had Elmisnter Ecologies Box set also interesting but those 2 are great. I had some Durk Sun and DL too but never run or played it with my group.

Nol Drek:
My favorite D&D modules are:

Harbinger House - A Planescape adventure which includes a murder mystery and an insane asylum.

Dead Gods - An epic campaign to prevent the return of a classic villain long thought dead.

Tomb of Horrors - A deadly module where the party's wits are more important than their stats.

Can you shed some light onto why they are your favorites?  You don't have to detail the plots or anything.  I'm just curious what it is about those particular modules that stand out as your favorites.  Do they do something different that other modules don't do, or is there a nostalgia factor involved?


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