Author Topic: The Stuff that Sticks  (Read 962 times)

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The Stuff that Sticks
« on: January 16, 2015, 02:15:19 PM »
I've been thinking back on all the mods that I've played over the years, and I've been pondering on those that I haven't played recently, and thinking how much about them I've forgotten, but also what things have stuck in my memory.  To stay long in my memory, I figure such things must've been very well done, ...or very poorly done.  But I prefer remembering the positive things.

So, here are some neat things that stand out in my memories of mods played long ago (without looking back at reviews to remind myself any further, and with a mind to avoid spoilers): (AT1: DARK ALLIANCES) by Ben Sanderfer: 
I remember being struck by the high quality of everything.  The meeting of the Forgotten Realms with the Dragonlance universe.  The challenge of a handicapped cleric class. (WORM'S EYE) by Suzanne Ferree.: 
I remember a delightful, childlike sense of wonder and surprise.  My party disguising themselves as (literal) fruits and fighting in a fruit dungeon. (A RICH MAN'S FOLLY), and (CHILD'S PLAY) by Glen Sprigg:
Who could forget Paddi, the gnome?  Possibly FRUAdom's most memorable fictional character.  Rich, witty humor. (THE LAST DAYS OF AUTUMN) by Harri Polsa:
Probably Paddi's only true competitor for FRUAdom's most memorable character award is Harri's dark and troubled lesbian, Jade.  I remember a noir-ish sci-fi mystery with well-done characters and cohesive dystopian future. (HARVEST OF SORROWS) by Dan (Cuomo) Crawford:
Legitimately scary.  Some of the best wordsmithing to be found in FRUAdom. (THE CURSE OF YEZUKRIIS III: Lifestyles of the Lich and Famous) by Steve Gustafson: 
ROFL broad humor.  Surprisingly diverse cameo appearances.  And the best kobold battle ever! 

These aren't the only mods I remember things about, but I'll comment on others some other time.   ;)

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Re: The Stuff that Sticks
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2015, 04:17:52 PM »
I have played Dark Alliances, and they are really good. Now i will have to check those others :)