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Re: Leveled Monsters
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Although, in some systems, like Dragonlance ... level 20 IS almost god like ... Raistlin, a mage who is around level 20, (and is one of the only mages that level in the history of Krynn) is able to wage war on the gods and win ... at the price of destroying the world ... which he decides not to do ... but still. I have no doubt that Raistlin could wipe out an army if he wanted too.

In Krynn, there are only a few people in the world who reach level 15 ... those people are the heads of orders and empires .... people beyond that start getting into the once in a century ... or even millenia ... kind of people.

Unless, of course, you play the Dragonlance game Dark Queen of Krynn ... where you are able to get close to around level 40...

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Re: Leveled Monsters
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I prefer monsters whose levels do not change as the party progresses.

I don't mind if a weak PC party has the opportunity to meet foes who are way above their level, as long as it is possible for the player, with some thought, to avoid these encounters. So, for example, if the player is warned that the western area is full of dragons, they have only themselves to blame if they go there before their characters are more experienced. Similarly, even if the players are in a generally low-level area, they might get told (say) that there are singe marks around the edges of a particular door, and human bones on the floor. This should suggest to the player that there is a powerful and fiery monster behind that door. They then have the option of passing on and avoiding the risk, or wandering into the red dragon's lair. I would not make killing that dragon a necessary part of the low-level quest, but the player should be able to come back and do it later when they have more experiences PCs.

I also have no difficulty with high level parties potentially coming across low-level monsters, as long as they have the option of seeking out higher level foes. The XP / character levels system is set up so that high level adventurers automatically receive relatively little reward: if I need a million XP to advance to the next level, fighting kobolds is not a good way to get there. Having said that, I also like the idea that once you complete a low-level quest, the low-level monsters are gone / do not attack anymore / do not attack so frequently.

It is a matter of balance between realism and gameplayability, but I think there are creative ways to keep some realism while not detracting much from gameplay.