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Troubleshooting / Gog FRUA needs the Patch?
« Last post by Ishad Nha on Today at 03:50:54 AM »
Gog FRUA is version 1.2, June 28 1993
It contains the Thief saving throw bug at offsets 551,946 to 552,056.

There is an interesting bug in the data for how Dexterity affects Thief skills, Ckitform.txt reads as follows:
"Offset 570269:   The first of twelve five-byte records used to give
 Hex (0x8b39d)   adjustments for those thieving skills that are affected
      by dexterity.  Adjustments are given for dexterity from
      9 to 20.
Offset 570329:   Beginning of string pointers for magic effect display texts.
 Hex (0x8b3d9)"
 Table ends as follows:
19   15   20   10   12   12
20  -16  -15  -14  -14  -11
    -31  -35  -24  -26  -23

So increasing your Dex from 19 to 20, by means of a magical item, would seem to reduce your Thief skills by a fair bit.

Update needed for Ckitform.txt:
"Offset 572456:   Start of uninteresting section.
 Hex (0x8bc28)"
From here to offset 572,855 is the data table for passwords. Esoteric I know but it is worth noting, so people don't waste time trying to decode it.
Thank You. I can't say I know much about it but I wish I could learn to use those functions.
Art Creation / Re: TLB Animation or Color Cycle to Animated GIF
« Last post by Mechanaut on May 26, 2017, 11:41:10 PM »
Either that, or one can view them in the FRUA Art Gallery tool.
Hacking UA / Re: Hacking encumbrance
« Last post by Simeon Pilgrim on May 26, 2017, 09:03:11 PM »
those values could be off by one for what you have in your code, as >= 1 and > 0 are eqaul as in !< 2
Dungeon Craft - Development / new as of engine 2.92: GPDL **SHAZAM** expanded
« Last post by manikus on May 26, 2017, 04:10:22 PM »
With version 2.92 of the DC engine, Paul has greatly expanded the user-friendly nature of the GPDL **SHAZAM** for use in designs via the Talk Statement event.

#1   No need to compile your talk.txt to talk.bin if you don't want to.
#2   Multiple talk files can be used...pretty much as many as you want.
#3   Functions can be written in the text box of the Text Statement so that no talk file is needed.

The use of **SHAZAM** has changed a little bit to accomodate these changes.

How to use:
If using only talk.bin or talk.txt; nothing has changed - **SHAZAM**xyz()
If using more than one, the talk file must begin "talk", but the addenda can be what you want, for example, "talk001"; the addenda is added to **SHAZAM** so in this case you would use **SHAZAM001**
   -if your talk file is talkaa.txt, your call in the event is **SHAZAMaa**
   -if your talk file is talktilyoudrop.bin, your call in the event is **SHAZAMtilyoudrop**
If using the function in the event, the **SHAZAM** call must not have a corresponding file or else it will look to the file
   example:    **SHAZAM**Test()
            $PUBLIC $FUNC Test(){$SAY("Defined in text event itself");} Test;
Note: to compile your talk.txt to talk.bin, you need GPDLcomp4)6.exe available on Pault's site.
Not free, but a really good price:

Civilization III - Complete for $0.64 (price may be different outside of US)
Art Creation / Re: TLB Animation or Color Cycle to Animated GIF
« Last post by Mordant on May 26, 2017, 03:14:38 PM »
So you have to get to the point in the game where you can see these, then record them?
Hacking UA / Re: Dual-classing in the Krynn series.
« Last post by Ishad Nha on May 26, 2017, 08:42:44 AM »
Draft list of what needs to be altered:
68:71  XP Total
90     Class
135    60 - Base THAC0
136    Cure Disease Flag:
139    Save v. Death
140    Save v. Petrify
141    Save v. Wand
142    Save v. Breath
143    Save v. Spell
145    Current Level (in highest active class)
146    Level in Former Class
147    Pick Pocket
148    Open Lock
149    Find / Remove Traps
150    Move Silently
151    Hide in Shadows
152    Hear Noise
153    Climb Walls
154    Read Languages
165    Cleric Level
166    Knight level
167    Fighter Level
168    Paladin
169    Ranger
170    Magic-User
171    Thief Level
172    Original Cleric Level
173    Original Knight Level
174    Original Fighter Level
175    Original Paladin Level
176    Original Ranger Level
177    Original Magic-User Level
178    Original Thief Level
179    Attacks pr. 2 Rounds
191    Item Limits
359    Cleric Spells 1
377    Mage Spells 1
410    Knight
411    God
413    Robe

Thief skills are only relevant if you are going to become a Thief.
Now this I will have to learn :)
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